Off - Leash Control

In this 1-1.5 hr. class you will have a completely different dog. Our goals are to introduce the e-collar by establishing 100% recall, teaching your dog to sit/stay (if they don't know already) through high levels of distraction and lastly walk by your side. I re-teach you how to communicate with your dog effectively so they respect you and whoever else joins in on this class. Learning how to have proper timing with the e-collar is also taught so you are comfortable with consistently using it.


  • 1 dog $150

  • 2 dogs $250

If your dog is younger we may need to do multiple classes.

Please visit the E-collar page to see a few of the recommended e-collars. You must purchase the e-collar before scheduling a class.

Classes are scheduled according to both our schedules so please call to save your spot in my calendar.