Photo by Cana Outdoors

Photo by Cana Outdoors

Photo by Joel Wilson Photography

Photo by Joel Wilson Photography

Photo by Cana Outdoors

Photo by Cana Outdoors

Bird Dog Training

Our goal is to bring out your dog’s instincts - the sooner the better, but an older dog can still have success if not introduced to birds at a young age. Your dog MUST love birds; their drive for birds will determine their success. Please refrain from introducing the gun to your dog or pup on your own. Especially avoid taking them to the gun range or shooting over them to see if they are gun shy; you have a high chance of making them gun shy by doing so. 

8 Weeks Old

  • If you get your pup at 7-8 weeks old, Introduce them to LIVE birds (please contact me to get them on live birds free of charge)

  • Get them retrieving(even pointers)

  • Keep them to themselves (away from other dogs) in order to keep their personality full and keep them away from getting "put in their place" or a pecking order.

12 Weeks Old

  • Bring them in for training!

  • Intro to collar

  • Intro to bird and gun

  • Hunting the field

  • Socialization with other dogs


  • Please contact me so we can talk about what is best for you and your dog.

  • This may include: "Forcing" "Whoaing" "Steady to shot" "Handling & Running Blinds"


  • $50 per class

  • Plus price of birds

(I currently am not offering boarding as a training option)